About us

Through the sculptor's natural relationship with the matter and form, but especially through the perception of art as an escape from the daily drabness, the choice of Ioan Grama can be highly associated with pragmatic thinking, remarkably relating his artistic intentions with the material ones. Preferring the dedicated textures, especially bronze, the sculptor Ioan Grama plans to create classical sculptural hypostases of monumental art with long duration.


The author understands through ancient classical art, the balance, grace and coziness of the postures, the ideal beauty, succeeding afterwards to transfer them in his own works, masterly using the modeling technique. It is all about the perfect knowledge of the human anatomy combined with theoretical preparation and practical experience. Starting from these assumptions, the sculptor achieves the perfection of the elements he is building, reaching a dynamism that is revealed by power lines, which combine themselves in a balance unity.


Gifted master, Ioan Grama uses an old, customary in times removed, bronze casting process, the lost wax method, which guarantees meticulous details and a solid structure. Bronze is suitable to infinite shadings, to effects that revive the surfaces and therefore, the sculptor manages to work in strict harmony with the requests of the visual perception, searching for the expressive simplicity. To complete his works, he plays with the shades on the wounded surfaces.


From clay to wax, and finally to bronze, the lost wax method is a way to transform a sculpture from a malleable material such as clay, in a much stronger, immortal one.


Another remarkable quality is the integration capacity of the piece of art in the location where it is placed. Through the three elements: piece of art, socket and environment, the sculptor creates a coherent and harmonious entirety which ennobles the location of the statue.

Grama Ioan Vasile - Classical maestro